CleooPro is our smart, AI-driven marketing solution for SMEs. It intelligently optimises ad performance across more than 20 channels to ensure the best possible coverage for your budget.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, we rapidly iterate adverts to find the most effective ways to attract new customers to your business. Our confidence in our systems allows us to guarantee visits to our customers’ sites, so your adverts will run until you’ve got your money’s worth, and we set our targets far above anyone else in the industry.

In essence, we provide small businesses with their very own marketing department, and we've done it for thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. 

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CleooPro is for ambitious SMEs active in competitive markets and that are dissatisfied with their options for attracting new customers.

CleooPro is an automatic digital marketer that targets new customers on up to 20 marketing channels.

Its cross-channel optimisation capabilities mean that it focuses on the best-performing places to display your ad, maximising investment.

Unlike agencies, directories or DIY marketing products & services, CleooPro is automatic, promotes your offering directly across multiple channels and guarantees results.


Data-driven and powered by AI, the more information it gets, the bigger the data set it can learn from and the better it gets, so your ad return can improve over time.

Our mission is to deliver new customers to our SMEs - but we can only bring them to our customers’ doorsteps.

We see each of our advertising campaigns as a customer-focused collaboration: we bring customers to the SMEs and in turn, we trust that they will delight them.




Our clients are present on up to 20 channels across the 3 major marketing platforms - Google, Facebook, and Bing - but only those delivering results are leveraged. The mix is unique for each SME, and therefore different for everyone.


We take a risk and guarantee visits. How are we so confident? It's that cross-channel optimisation again - we look across a wider variety of platforms to make sure the most effective ads run more. That way, we give your business the potential for more visitors than a single platform could deliver. As well as visitor numbers, we will also provide you with estimates for interactions and leads so we can see those clicks turn to cash.


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