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Cleoo is a marketing technology company that specialises in creating and managing campaigns across multiple channels to give small businesses a platform to reach thousands of customers and grow.

Our AI allows us to create and then test hundreds of ads across different channels and target audiences to find the best way to deliver new customers to your business.

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We guarantee to get you 25% more visitors than any other leading online marketing provider. As a small business owner, we admire your ambition and feel it’s only fair to promise results as a sign of our commitment. If we don't achieve this guarantee for you, we will run your campaigns out of our own pocket until we do.

Be Seen On 12+ Channels

Grabbing people’s attention has always been a marketing challenge — and it’s only getting more difficult in today’s connected world with messages barraging us from every direction, every second. Breaking through the clutter doesn’t mean sending more messages. Rather, it’s about reaching your customers through the right channels including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing and many others.

Data Driven Marketing

We believe using data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is key in gaining a competitive advantage for any business. We at Cleoo incorporate analytical data gathered from all of our campaigns and combine it with our AI to make real-time decisions across thousands of campaigns. This allows our AI to manage your budget across different channels, adjust bids and remove low preforming ads to give you the best ROI.

No Fees

Unlike typical marketing agencies, we don't charge handling, retainer or even set-up fees. We like to keep things simple. So simple that we only need to agree on your monthly budget and the guaranteed number of visitors you'll be getting. We then go off to find the channels and audiences that work best for you. It couldn't be simpler than that.  

High Converting Landing Page

Creating great marketing campaigns that acquire customers is both an art and a science. You need experience, persistence and innovation. Having created thousands of ads that have delivered millions of customers our clients, we know what works. We'll create your ads for you as well as a high converting landing page* - this includes ad copy, visuals, call to actions, and audience targeting.  

* Free Landing Page available for qualifying budgets

Case studies and testimonials

Thanks to the close collaboration with Cleoo, I can present my offer in a transparent and structured way, while saving more time for what really matters - my clients!
— Mr. Carusone, Owner, Storexpress
Cleoo guarantees our ads are seen on various online channels. This way, the basic needs of this new digital age are covered and we can focus on the essentials - our farm machinery and customers!
— Christoph, Marketing Manager, Zürcher Landtechnik
As a bookseller, my offering is wide and changes continuously. Cleoo’s solution is an all-in-one tool which allows me to present my offer clearly on the internet and acquire new customers.
— Melinda, Owner, Padi

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