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Cleoo has helped over 2'000 corporate clients achieve their results. If your business also needs to make a step forward with its digital marketing approach, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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As a bookseller, my offering is wide and changes continuously. Cleoo’s solution is an all-in-one tool which allows me to present my offer clearly on the internet and acquire new customers.
— Melinda, Owner, Padi
Cleoo guarantees our ads are seen on various online channels. This way, the basic needs of this new digital age are covered and we can focus on the essentials - our farm machinery and customers!
— Christoph, Marketing Manager, Zürcher Landtechnik
Thanks to the close collaboration with Cleoo, I can present my offer in a transparent and structured way, while saving more time for what really matters - my clients!
— Mr. Carusone, Owner, Storexpress

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In todays world it's hard to find a product that you can truly trust right from the get go. We appreciate this and that's why we give you a results guarantee on all our services. No strings attached.

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